Community Photography Project

CMSD Classroom Workshops
April. 11th to May 23rd. 2023

Public Cameras
Here is the list of Camera Station locations, we encourage your participation
CAMERAS available (24/7)

4  cameras March. 17th.
(Superior Avenue & East 18th)
56  cameras May 24th. through May 30th. 2023
(All other Locations)

4 cameras
University Circle
(in-front of MOCA on Euclid)
(in-front of the Free Clinic on Euclid)
(Across from Natural History Museum)
(Corner of Hessler Street)

12 cameras
Cleveland (West) Ohio City Area
(Directly across from West Side market, Market Square Park)
(Corner of West 25th and Bridge Ave.)
(Corner of West 29th Street and Church St.)
(Corner of Bridge and West 30th. Street)

Cleveland (West) Tremont Area
(Near Jefferson Ave. and Tremont, Doubting Thomas Gallery)
(Corner of Literary Rd. and Professor)
(Corner of Clark Ave. and West 25th. St.)

Cleveland (West) Lakewood Area
(Near Rising Star Coffee Shop on Madison and Chesterland Ave.)
(Corner of Clifton and West 115th. St. Bus Hub)
(City Center Park, corner of Cook and Detroit Ave.)

1 camera
Richmond Heights
(Playground area in Richmond Heights Community Park)

1 camera
University Heights
(Cedar Center Near Whole Foods Parking lot)

5 cameras
(Euclid and Huron Road within the park area by The Center for Health Affairs)
(Between 3645 Prospect and East 30th. Street)
(Public Square by the old stone church)
(Public Square directly across from the circle)
(Near East 9th. Street and Chester Ave.)

9 cameras
Cleveland (East)
(Corner of Hough and East 65th. Street)
(Corner of East 105th and Amor Avenue)
(Corner of Wade Park and Crawford Road)
(Corner of Waterloo Rd and 156th. St. near Waterloo Arts Bldg.)
(Corner of East 64th. St. and St. Clair Ave.)
(Near Central Ave and East 79th. St.)
(Corner near East 89th. St. and Quincy Ave.)
(Corner near East 79th. St. and Kinsman Ave.)

2 cameras
Shaker • Shaker Square Area
(Near the Bus stop on N. Moreland on the side of Biggy Coffee)
(Near The 3 Aprons Shop by East 122nd. St. and Larchmere)

2 cameras
Chagrin Falls
(Near Valley Art Center on Bell Street)
(Near Chagrin Falls Waterfall off of N. Main Street)

1 camera
Slavic Village
(Corner of East 65th. St. and Fleet Ave.)

7 cameras
East Cleveland
(In front of East Cleveland Public Library)
(Corner of Lee Rd. and Euclid Ave.)
(Within Forest Hills Park, East Cleveland Side, corner of Lee Rd. and Forest Hills Blvd.)
(Corner of Collamer Ave. and Euclid Ave.)
(East Cleveland community garden, around 1257 Coit Ave.)
(Windermere Bus Station near Rally’s)
(Corner of East 125th. St. and Superior Ave.)

4 cameras
Downtown Waterfront
(East 9th. Street Pier)

2 cameras
(Near East 222nd and Lakeshore near CVS Pharmacy)
(middle of Metroparks Euclid Creek)

3 cameras
Lake Erie Lake front • Edgewater Park/Whisky Island
(Edgewater Park Pier)
(Tree mount location facing rock pier by Ohio to Erie Trail, Edgewater Park)
(Wendy Park near Cleve. Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse)

2 cameras
Coventry • Cleveland Heights
(Near the corner of Coventry and Hampshire rd. by the Hardware Store)
(By the food court, Coventry and Euclid Heights Blvd.)

More location will be added weekly, please check back

In-Person Exhibition MAY 26TH. to AUGUST 29TH. 2023
Cleveland Public Library | Garden Valley Branch

This in-person activity takes in consideration Federal and State safety guidelines. We require and expect all participants to practice good faith and prudent conduct.

Online Exhibition  

JUNE 23RD. 2023



Designed to address and recognize the diverse health of the Cuyahoga County community by stimulating its ability to preserve and invent its culture. Our mission is investing in youth development through artist mentorship. The direct community that we will serve through this project is the region of Cleveland and its various neighborhoods.

Choosing specific locations for reasons of presence, the project also becomes a diary of people places and things explored. Through the ARTOGRAPHY project, we engage in visual dialog to build connections between the contrasted uses of imagination towards constructing public benefit and the role of interpretation as a tool of shared innovated abilities.